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Grant Approved!

We are so grateful for our very special gardener friend Kim, (aka Ms. T. to her 4th grade students) in the Denville, NJ public schools district. She had recently applied for a grant to bring our #PullYourWeeds® program to the 4th graders!

We received the exciting news last night that the grant was approved! Starting next month we will meet with each class virtually from now until the end of the school year for a 35-45 minute social and emotional learning (SEL) workshop all rooted in the vocabulary and tools from our programs. Each session will feature an interactive mindfulness exercise, activity and craft!

Now more than ever students are in need of positive resources and tools to help them navigate their emotions (at home and in-school). Our virtual/interactive workshops add a much needed brightness to any classroom environment. For more information or to book a workshop with Shanna Truffini for your school please send an email to

--> Keep scrolling to learn more and watch videos about Gardener Kim, aka Ms. T and how she uses our programs in her classroom!

Watch Gardener Kim (aka Ms. T.) on a very special episode of Hello Gardeners® where she shows us how to make a very powerful tool to use in the classroom. PRESS PLAY >

Click the Fox above to see how Gardener Kim feels about the You Are a Gardener® programs for her students. Watch Now >

Pictures from Gardener Kim's (aka Ms. T.) 4th Grade Classroom

We LOVE teachers and are so grateful for all that you do to support your students mental, intellectual and emotional well-being! You are gardeners!

We are now booking for Spring 2021! To schedule a virtual workshop for your school please send an email to!


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