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Hammered Flower Prints

Hello gardeners, today's new 'Gardening Tool' is fun, fast and super flowery! All you have to do is go outside pick some flowers (or dandelions), grab a hammer, a piece of paper and let's make some Hammered Flower Prints. This craft is easy enough for toddlers but fun for gardeners of all ages. The best part is you can frame your art or turn them into heartfelt greeting cards. Step-by-step instructions for this fun flower craft are below!

Scroll down to read why this DIY project is beneficial for our social and emotional health.. and scroll all the way down to download your Gardening Tool Badge for this activity!

Materials Needed:

Thick paper


Flowers (dandelions work too)



Hammered Flower Prints Has Gardener Roots In:

🌼Inside & Outside Craft

🌼Appreciation For Nature

🌼Encourages Present & Positive Thinking

🌼Stimulates Creativity

🌼Requires Minimal Materials

🌼Can Be Done At Home or In School

🌼Develops Fine Motor Skills

🌼Encourages Self-Confidence

🌼Screen Free Activity

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hammered flower prints

Hey gardeners, did you make our Hammered Flower Prints Craft? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Hammered Flower Prints' Gardening Tool Badge'!

--> Click the badge to download a pdf sticker for your Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet.

We would love to see pictures of your flower us at

You Are a Gardener® and the #PullYourWeeds® Blog are rooted in empowering children, teachers and families with a variety of 'gardening tools' to help manage stress/big emotions and encouraging gardeners to feel confident & calm. Most featured exercises and activities can be done in school and at home and are appropriate for gardeners of all ages.

To earn more Gardening Tool Badges & download your FREE Collectors Sheet...Click Here!


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