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Handmade With Love

Hey gardeners…Did you know that all our signature Fox Beaded Bracelets are designed and handmade by Gardener Anna and Gardener Aidan? This video clip highlights Gardener Aidan working on a custom order for a very special gardener friend for his class Valentine’s Day gifts. 👉Click Here To Order Our Signature Fox Beaded Bracelet Today👈 🌸 Gardeners Tip: Beading is a wonderful ‘gardening tool’ for gardeners of all ages. It is a relaxing exercise with rewarding results. It allows us to use our fine motor skills, improve our cognitive thinking and can even lower our blood pressure! This quiet activity doesn’t require many special supplies and it can be done virtually anywhere. Not only does beading promote #mindfulness and relieve stress, it also encourages us to explore our #creativity and can boost our self esteem!

For custom orders please send us an email to or via our contact page.


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