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Hello Fall 🍂🍁

Hello Gardeners!

What better way to welcome Fall than with a handmade wreath to decorate your door or walls?! This autumn paper wreath is ideal for gardeners ages 6 and up but younger gardeners are definitely capable with some assistance! Scroll down for materials/instructions and see why this is a #PullYourWeeds approved fall craft for kids!

Here is what you will need:

☐ A paper plate

☐ Tissue paper and construction paper in red, orange, yellow, or brown

☐ A stapler (glue will work too!)

☐ Scissors

☐ A small piece of string

First, you will want to prepare your paper scraps. Feel free to get detailed and cut out leaf shapes, but simple shapes will work well too! It's all about color! Once you have your paper ready, cut out the center of your paper plate, leaving just the ring. Then start decorating - layer tissue paper with construction paper, trying to add volume and variety until your wreath looks full and ready to hang! Don't forget to staple a loop at the top so you can display your wreath for all to see!

This activity is #PullYourWeedsApproved because it:

✓ Promotes positive sensory exposure! So many textures, shapes, and colors : )

✓ Encourages resourcefulness - no special materials required for this craft!

✓ Celebrates individuality! Every wreath will turn out differently based on individual decision-making and creativity.

Gardeners Note: With the start of a new season comes new intentions, new flowers, and sometimes new weeds. Be sure to check in with yourself or your kids when those ‘weeds’ pops up and find someone you trust to talk through it! Remember, the best way to ‘pull your weeds‘ is talking about it!

Thanks for helping us welcome Fall! We can't wait to see your wreaths!

Send us your photos to & we will post them on our pages!

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