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Hey Counselors, Let's Talk!

We have had lot of schools reach out this year inquiring about specialty services for their School Counselors. With 'necessity being the mother of invention', this 2023/2024 school year we we will be offering One-On-One, customized SEL services exclusively for elementary school counselors.

#PullYourWeeds® Services & Programs For School Counselors

👉We will work one-on-one with your School Counselor(s) to create an easy, extremely cost effective program that works best for your school.

👉We will customize our One-Click SEL program exclusively for your School Counselor(s).

👉We will create a Peer Gardening Programs based on the needs of your students.

👉We will provide customized activities and resources for your school.

👉We will work with your budget...guaranteed!

Our services and programs just keep growing and growing!

Have your School Counselor(s) connect with us today and learn more about the one-on-one SEL services & programs we offer.

We work with elementary schools Nationwide!

Email us at to get 'growing'!


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