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Chill Out With With Cool Activities

It's the dog days of's hot and you are looking for a cool craft to keep your kids off a device and engaged in positive play! Sensory activities that involve ice are a wonderful way to chill out on and beat the heat.

Some of the best learning happens when kids get hands on and create! This tactile, icy activity engages the senses and creates a beautiful finished product. Pouring the liquid in the ice tray is a wonderful way to develop confidence and coordination skills. This artistic process of ice painting is rooted in creative expression that encourages emotional exploration as well as scientific thinking.

To learn how to make ice paint with Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan on Session 4 of Camp Hello Gardeners® CLICK HERE! This 30 minute video session also features: Learn all about improv from an actor, make your own picture frame with a local artist, easy & creative recipes, art class with our illustrator, inspirational stories, interactive games, mindfulness activities & more fun!


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