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Introducing Follow The Flower: Our New Breathing Exercise Gardening Tool

Introducing Follow The Flower: Our New Breathing Exercise Gardening Tool

Take a deep breath and try out our new 'gardening tool', Follow The Flower. Simply inhale as the flower goes up, hold your breath when it reaches the top, exhale as it goes down, and hold again before it hits the bottom.

This 40 second exercise is great for gardeners of all ages, and helps us to recenter and refocus. Follow The Flower is a helpful 'gardening tool' to help take your mind off your weeds, as a class exercise before or after a test, at home before bed, or after finishing homework. The beauty of breathing exercises is that they can be done anywhere, anytime.


Taking a few minutes to focus on breathing can help to decrease stress, anxiety, and promote a sense of calm. It's important to teach children from a young age that they have the power to control their emotions through their breath.


By incorporating fun exercises like our Follow The Flower Breathing Exercise, it can make the practice more enjoyable and easier to remember. By practicing breathing exercises regularly, it can also help to improve overall respiratory health and increase lung capacity. So take a moment to stop, breathe, and follow the flower.
follow the flower breathing activity

Hey gardeners, did you try our Follow The Flower breathing exercise? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Follow The Flower ' Gardening Tool Badge'!

 --> Click the badge to download a pdf sticker for your Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet


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You Are a Gardener® is more than just a children’s book,– it's a movement! Our aim is to equip children, families, and educators with helpful 'Gardening Tools' to stay grounded in confidence and calm. We invite you to join our community and discover the transformative power of turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Our #PullYourWeeds® Blog encourages gardeners of all ages to recognize their emotional challenges and transform them into seeds of strength, resilience, and personal growth.

Unwind and refocus with Follow The Flower: Our New Breathing Exercise. Perfect for all ages, this 40-second gardening tool promotes calm and stress relief.


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