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Jack Be Little Foxes 🎃

Our family always makes a big deal over miniature things! We love it when life sized items shrink down to smaller versions. Every fall we scoop up tons of those teeny-tiny pumpkins that are so small they fit in the palm of your hand, also known as 'Jack Be Little' pumpkins. Given how much we love these adorable gourds, we thought it would be fun to put a gardener spin on this autumnal decoration and turn them into foxes!

Scroll down to see how we magically turned our 'jack be little' pumpkins into foxes!

This crafts is fun for gardeners of all ages because it only requires construction paper, glue, tape, scissors and simple cuts.

-For the ears we cut out rounded triangles on orange construction paper and then glued on smaller triangular cuts from white paper.

-For the tail we cut a dramatic tear drop shape on orange construction paper and made small white pointed cuts on white paper and glued it to the tail.

-For the face we cut a small white heart shape and drew the eyes and nose with a marker.

-We then taped all the cutouts to the pumpkin from behind.

(see cutouts in photo below)

This is a fun, fall craft to do at home or in the classroom. It uses simple materials and takes about 15-20 minutes. Arts & Crafts are wonderful 'gardening tools' for kids emotional toolkit. They encourage creativity, help develop fine motor skills, and fosters a positive sense of attention to detail.

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