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Just Walk Away

Hello Gardeners!! Today we are going to look at a phrase that you’ve probably heard. Maybe your parents said this to you in passing, or maybe you’ve heard #GardenerAnna and #GardenerAidan offer this as advice. It’s that phrase “just walk away”. Now, it might seem simple, but this is some of the best advice a young gardener can get. The beauty of this small piece of advice is it gives you an option in almost any situation. Whether you are dealing with people who just don’t treat you well, or if you’ve gotten yourself involved with something that just doesn’t feel right - all you need to do is walk away. Let’s look back at Episode 3 where #GardenerAidan describes a situation with a friend at school. He explains that his friend, Emma, asked to play with a group of girls at his school, they chose to not be very inclusive and said no. Emma realized that this was not a group of people she wanted to be with, and chose to walk away.

Look at the awesome drawing Gardener Aidan made! This is Emma being told she can't play with the other girls.

And this is when she told Aidan that she just walked away. He was so proud of her, they celebrated with high fives!

When a group of people choose to not include others, it’s important we treat ourselves with respect and walk away from situations that seem toxic to us. Who knows, maybe our fellow gardeners are talking about something private or maybe a gardener is just having a bad day and needs some space. Whatever the case may be, remember, you can always walk away!

Also in Episode 3, we were able to visit our friends at Pediatric Therapeutics. We had such a great time reading You Are A Gardener and doing this fun planter craft!

We loved how everyone at Pediatric Therapeutics shared and worked together - can't wait to go back!

What you’ll need:

Terra Cotta planter

Potting soil

Seeds of your choice

Decorative materials - stickers, markers, paint, pom-poms, etc.

Decorate your planter with your stickers and paint, then fill with potting soil and push your seed down into the soil - so it is about a quarter to a half the way under the top of the soil. Place any decorative items on the top of the soil to greet your flowers as they bloom! Watch the video below to follow along (starting at 1:53)!


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