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Limited Edition Hardcover

For the first time ever, we ran a small batch of hardcover books on the newest edition of You Are a Gardener®. Hardcover editions typically cost almost double to print which is we only have a handful to sell. As much as we love the original version of our book, the hardcover came out absolutely exquisite!

Benefits Of Hardcover Books:

-More durable

-More prominent on a shelf

-Hold their value

-More collectible

Get your limited edition, hardcover copy today! Click Here >>

Dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids!

Our You Are a Gardener® children's book uses gardening vocabulary as emotional metaphors to help kids find healthy and positive ways to manage stress, challenging feelings and emotions.

What started out as a children's book in 2017 quickly took root into an entire platform dedicated to empowering kids with a vocabulary, mindset and tools to help them grow forward feeling confident and calm. It's all about turning weeds into seeds!

This may look like a children's book but the message is truly ageless.

So...Who's ready to dig in? Let's Grow!


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