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Make Time for the #FlowerMoments

Hello Gardeners!

We strive to make this blog a resource for families & educators to learn practical applications in emotional management for kids, but we can't forget the importance of making time for the #FlowerMoments. Sometimes the best way to remind your gardener of his or her flowers, is to turn a normal Sunday morning or weeknight into a special memory. To help you make your flower moment, here is an easy, no-stress recipe for #FlowerPancakes! No squeeze bottles or special tools required!

For this recipe, we relied on the classic Bisquick™ pancake mix to make our batter. Next, separate the mix into 4 bowls and add about 6 drops of food coloring to each bowl. Feel free to adjust the amount of food coloring to suit your preference, but remember the color will slightly brown when cooked!

Use a small spoon to create the different shapes - for the inner circle, a small dollop seems to work best and for the petals, use a bit more batter and kind of smear it to create more of a petal shape. For the stems, make as thin a line as you can!

Now for the fun part - assemble! Mix and match your colors, create entire gardens, have fun, and enjoy your delicious flowers.