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May I have your attention please...

Stage fright, also known as a fear of speaking in public is common for children and adults alike! Empowering young kids with tools to help overcome any negative emotions associated with speaking in front of a group is wonderful for their social and emotional development!

Today on the #PullYourWeeds® Blog, Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan help 8 year old Max with tips to feel more confident about presenting in front of his peers. Scroll down to see Max's weed turn into a seed!

Do you think the Gardeners can help Max turn his weed into a seed? Keep scrolling to find out!

#1- Setting up your stuffed animals on your bed and practicing in front of them is a great way to prepare for your presentation. The more you practice the more confident you will feel!

#2-Memorizing short poems and rehearsing them in front of your family is a great trick to building self-esteem and memory skills. We love poems by Robert Frost and Shel Silverstein!

#3-When you are prepared for your presentation that is excitement you are feeling not nerves! Proceed confidently and calmly. Plus, taking a few deep breaths and setting a positive intention before you present helps too!

The gardeners helped turn Max's weed into a seed! Taking an uncomfortable feeling and emotion and talking about it to come up with positive solutions is an empowering process for kids of all ages.

Look Max it's a beautiful Veronica Spicita!

To watch this short clip from Hello Gardeners® press play below!

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