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New Year's Special: 15% Off Our Book to Help You Grow in 2024

Hello gardeners! For a limited time, we're offering a special discount on our book that will help you grow & plant the seeds of positivity in 2024.

🥳 Use code WDS2SDS at checkout for 15% off your order now through 1/31/24.

🥳 All books come signed by the author and can be personalized at no additional costs.

🥳 All orders placed with this code will receive free gardener goodies with every purchase!

you are a gardener children's book coupon

Discover the timeless message of self-empowerment and emotional growth in "You Are a Gardener®", a captivating children's book with a powerful impact. Embark on a transformative journey and nurture a new generation of emotionally empowered kids with You Are a Gardener®! This captivating children's book revolutionizes the way children manage stress, challenging feelings, and emotions by using the magical language of gardening as powerful metaphors.  -This is a wonderful book to have at home and in the classroom! At the core of You Are a Gardener®️ lies a universal emotional language that speaks directly to the hearts of 'gardeners' of all ages—flowers, weeds, and seeds. These simple yet profound metaphors lay the foundation for a new narrative, empowering individuals to navigate their emotions with grace and resilience.

Our book has received rave reviews from families and educators who have found it to be a valuable resource to use at home and in the classroom.

<< Order now and start planting the seeds of positivity for 2024 for you and your family! >>

Uncover the magic of emotional growth with "You Are a Gardener®" - a captivating children's book. Get 15% off now with code WDS2SDS to help you grow at home and in school in 2024!


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