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During the 2021/2022 school year, many of the teachers we work with would have to create their own weekly Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies for their class which was often time consuming. Many pre-existing SEL programs no longer fit the mold for classrooms that are now more digital.

Teachers are having to do more work to make SEL work for their students. We say NOT ANYMORE!

Now more than ever, we recognize how important it is to be consistent with SEL in the classroom and how making it is easy on teachers is a key to this success. That's why this summer we have been working behind the scenes to create our brand new #PullYourWeeds® One-Click SEL Program for teachers .

This service allows your teachers access to grab and go resources to meet your school's weekly SEL needs via a private web link for your school. This one-stop SEL shop features everything a classroom needs to support a successful and thriving environment, from games & activities, morning meetings, pre-recorded workshop videos, crafts, mindfulness and grounding exercises, visual aids for their classroom and more! All materials are rooted in the You Are a Gardener® mindset and foundation of our platform. It's all about turning weeds into seeds.

Let's work together and dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids. Our One-Click SEL© is guaranteed to change the way your students and staff manage stress with positive results!

Book a 15 minute demo today and let's grow! Send us an email to --> or click here to contact us today!


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