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Note To Self: Pull Your Weeds

Forward and growing is a motto I say a lot around here and is very much rooted in the evolution of the #PullYourWeeds® Blog. When I started this blog in February of 2019 my intention was to create a virtual destination for families and educators to learn more about the value of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and tools for children and while this is still at the root of the platform, the direction of the blog continues to grow. Anna and Aidan were only 6 and 8 years old when the You Are a Gardener® seeds were planted and as they grow, so does our content.

By our own definition 'pull your weeds' means to talk about your negative feelings and emotions with someone you trust to come up with positive solutions to help you move forward. What #PullYourWeeds stood for when we started has now blossomed into an entire way of being for our family. Talking about your feelings is at the root of it all, while adding skills and tools to our 'emotional toolbox' is where it is also growing. Our family is consistently trying new recipes, crafts, mindfulness exercises, meeting new 'gardener' friends and responding to 'real life' encounters that we are experiencing on a day to day basis. We are happy you are here with us on our journey and look forward to seeing where it all 'grows'!

Thank you to all our 'gardener' friends who continue to help us grow and spread some seeds! We love to hear from our fellow 'gardeners', if you have any fun crafts, kid-friendly recipes or 'tools' to add to our toolbox, please send us an email to

You Are a Gardener® | #PullYourWeeds®


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