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Out With the Old & In With the New!

Hello Gardeners!

With a new year and a new decade upon us, there is no better time to reflect on the past year's accomplishments, upsets, friendships, and progress. When we reflect, it's easy to see the past through a self-depricating, judgmental lens.

Here are some reminders to help your reflect in the most productive way!

Reminder #1

Remember our blog post "Treat Yourself the Way YOU Want to be Treated!"? When you think back to some of the losses, the challenges, or the upsets - be gentle with yourself. Recognize that growth is a process and a major sign of growth is being okay with your mistakes and your challenges and having the ability to try again!

We love this illustration & quote by @colormehapii! So true 🙌 🙌!!

Reminder #2

We are SO proud of #GardenerAnna and #GardenerAidan for making donations to Heartworks and St. Huberts!

Don't just stop on reflection - set new goals based on what you accomplished this year! For example, if last year you said, "I'd like to get more involved in my community" and then you accomplished that this year, take it a step further and say, "This year, I'd like to organize a community service group or I'd like to host a fundraiser!"

Reminder #3

If you have a difficult time thinking about the past year's flowers, ask yourself: What were some of my favorite experiences from this year?

Were there any times I felt really happy?

What were the experiences that made me feel most proud?

When did I feel the most loved?

What am I grateful for at this very moment?

Our author, #ShannaTruffini, shared this proud moment of #GardenerAnna co-presenting a #PullYourWeeds workshop to her 5th grade class!

Reminder #4

Honor the important people in your life. This could be your mom or you dad, your siblings, your best friends, your godparents, your neighbors - next time you see them, give them a hug, a high-five, or a big thank you! It's important to remember that you didn't make it to this new year alone!

Reminder #5

A new year is a great time to kick an old habit. In your new year intentions, think about any behavior you'd like to change - maybe biting your nails, committing to active listening, getting your homework completed a little earlier, pulling away from your devices (iPads, phones, TV). Kicking a bad habit is a wonderful way to practice being present and showing an awareness over your body!

These reminders will not only help you close out the year, but they will start the new year with clarity, honesty, and motivation! And of course, alongside all of these reminders, never forget to #PullYourWeeds!


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