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Plant Your Dreams 🌱

Just as a garden starts with one seed, so does a dream. Encouraging young gardeners to nurture their dreams and follow their passions helps them to build confidence and character. So today on the #PullYourWeeds® Blog we've got some tips to help gardeners Plant Their Dreams!

The future belongs to those who

believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Elanor Roosevelt


Tips To Plant Your Dreams

Find Your Seed-Identify what seed you want to plant. What dream do you want to see come true. (Learn an instrument, play a sport, start a lemonade stand, etc.)

Do Some Digging-Do some research, learn new facts and read inspirational stories of others who have planted a similar seed. (Read about how a musician started their journey, how an athlete practiced when they were young, how a kid started their own company, etc.)

Get Planting-Come up with simple ways to take action. Find a teacher, a coach, a team, or make a list of the necessary items required to get your seed growing.

Water Your Seed- Pour yourself into what you are doing. Practice, push yourself and let those dreams soak up all that you have to help them to grow healthy and strong. Make a schedule, set goals and stick to it!

Just Keep Growing-A little encouragement goes along with young gardeners. Keeping them on track and moving forward helps them to focus on the direction they want to 'grow', just be aware of when not to push too hard.

Try New Seeds-Sometimes it takes a multitude of seeds before you get one to sprout. It is important for a gardener to know when they have given their dream their all and are ready to explore a new one.

"Just remember gardeners, if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand."

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