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Meet #GardenerKiana | Education with Encouragement!

We hear the expression 'fun learning' a lot but do we really stop and think about what goes into creating a successful and fun learning environment. Given the common concern of children being academically behind based on spring's school shut downs, virtual tutoring services are a wonderful solution to keep your kids on the right educational track. The one-on-one virtual experience can be extremely rewarding and also FUN! That's why we teamed up with Gardener Kiana Davis of Tutor Kids n' More. Her passion for tutoring and babysitting services are a shining example of how genuinely dedicated she is to fostering in the social and academic success of her clients.

Kiana Davis -Owner & Founder of Tutor Kids n' More

Kiana strongly believes in treating every child individually and making learning as fun as possible! She dedicates her time to nurturing one's own true passion for learning combined with an achievable goal setting process. Kiana's first virtual 30-45 minutes client consultation is free and she will also do in-person consultations on a case by case basis. To find out more about how Kiana can help your family CLICK HERE to visit her website.

To watch Gardener Kiana's Camp Hello Gardeners® session CLICK HERE NOW! This camp session also features: Music class with Gardener Rachel, kid-friendly workouts with a certified fitness professional, inspirational stories, fun ways to fold napkins, how to make your own stress relieving bubbles, interactive games, DIY journals, mindfulness activities and more!


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