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Practicing Mindfulness with Your Child

Hello Parents & Guardians !

Often times, it's the people with whom we spend the most time, that help us form our healthy habits - for our kids, that's us! If we want them to develop self-regulation skills, the ability to manage stress & anxiety, and a positive outlook, sometimes the best way to help them do that is to show them we are working on that too.

From the very beginning, Shanna & her husband Dan realized the importance of not only helping their kids manage their gardens, but managing their own as well. Parents have weeds too!

Today we are going to look at a few simple #MindfulnessTechniques that set the right example, help YOU pull some of your own weeds, and allow you to spend quality time with your kids!

1. Close listening

Play a song that both you and your child have never heard before - any genre! Allow yourself to really settle into the music, let go of any judgement you may have of the song, try to isolate the vocals and various instruments, and just listen.

2. Mindfulness through observation

Pick something to observe - inspect every inch of the object, its form, color, texture. By taking a minute to observe the minutia, we bring ourselves back to the present moment and take the time to notice & appreciate our surroundings. Share what you observed with your child and vice versa.

3. Tense & release

Before bed, take a few minutes to work your way up your body starting with your toes. Squeeze the muscles in your feet & toes for 5 seconds, then release. Move up to your calf muscles and so on, all the way up to your face. It's a great way for both you and your child to relax before bedtime which promotes better sleep!

4. Focus on heart rate and breathing

If you see your child getting frustrated with homework, a school project, or some other activity, have them jump up and move around for a minute or so - jumping jacks, dancing, running around the backyard, hula hooping. After that minute of movement, place your hand on your heart and observe how your heart rate has changed. This exercise redirects focus and increases energy & motivation.

Taking just a few minutes to work on mindfulness with your child every day has so many benefits! Not only is it an activity you can do with them, but it will translate to decreased stress, better emotional regulation, and easier management of anxiety for BOTH of you. So give it a try and let us know your favorite techniques!

As always, no matter your age, don't forget to #PullYourWeeds!


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