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Pretty In Pink 💕

Today we are giving our classic hot cocoa a makeover with a pretty pink twist! The sweet thing about this recipe is you only need a few ingredients, it is super easy to make

and kids of all ages love it!

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Pretty in Pink Hot Cocoa

❅ 4 Cups of Milk

❅ 1 1/2 Cups of White Chocolate Chips

❅ 1 1/2 Tsp of Vanilla

❅ 2-3 Drops of Red Food Coloring Or Beet Juice

Combine milk and chips in a sauce pan over low to medium heat and stir frequently until the chips are melted and the cocoa is creamy. Add a few drops of your coloring until you get your desired shade of pink. Pour into mugs and enjoy!

We gave our cocoa an extra sparkle & topped it off with some whip cream

& pretty pastel stars.

Do you have a favorite #WinterTime treat that you and your kids love to make? Send us your recipe and photos to for a chance to be featured on our site!


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