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Ready, Set, Roll

If you are looking for fun ideas for homemade party decorations, place settings or something cute to put on your shelf, then get ready to roll into today's craft featuring paper roll foxes! This kid-friendly craft is great for gardeners of all ages and you only need a few common household items! Scroll down for step-by-step instructions:

Here's what you need to make these adorable paper roll foxes:

✔︎ Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll

✔︎ Orange and White Paper

✔︎ Glue

✔︎ Scissors

✔︎Black Marker or Crayon

1. Wrap you roll in orange paper and seal with glue.

2. Cut out a small white heart for the face and glue on the roll.

3. Cut out 2 orange triangles for the ears and glue inside the roll.

4. Cut a small white tear drop and make 3 cuts and glue to the tip of the orange tail.

5. Cut out an orange tear drop shape for the tail and glue to the side of the roll.

For multiple foxes it's fun to make them with different faces and different sizes!

Did you make this craft? If so, send us your photos to or tag us in your pictures @youareagardener #PullYourWeeds .


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