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Riverview In Review

We have had such an incredible response to our #PullYourWeeds® Program at the Riverview School in Denville, NJ. Thank you to all the teachers, students and families for rooting for us. We can't wait to see where it 'grows'!

"I am a HUGE fan and advocate of Shanna's book, You are a Gardener, and her SEL programs! Her book appeals to young kids and adults. It's relatable and easy to read. The best thing you can do for your kids is help them learn coping skills, empathy, mindfulness, grit, confidence and kindness ---- her book/ SEL program are one of the most effective tools out there!"

~Vanessa Espinosa -Parent of 4th Grader- Riverview Elementary School

"Your assembly was awesome! I love the idea of growing our seeds and pulling our weeds. I have started to do that in my personal life. One of my students made a motivational poster for testing and it was a hand and it said pull the weeds and grow your seeds to show the state what you know. Your assembly was very informative and I enjoyed learning about you as an author as well as your children. Thank you for coming to our school!"

~Mrs. Gudelanis -Special Education Co-Teacher -Riverview Elementary School

"I am beyond impressed with the book, your children's videos, and the overall "You are a Gardener" metaphor!I love thinking about the negative things that affect us as weeds and all of the positives as flowers.Thank you again for sharing your amazing presentation with all of us at Riverview!"

~Ms. Larissa Smith, Grade 4 Resource Room Teacher -Riverview Elementary School

"Inspiring, empowering and impactful are all words that come to mind when thinking of Shanna’s book and program. Her positive message is one that all of our k-5 students were able to relate to and grasp during her visit to our school. They left her k-5 program at our school feeling empowered to take control of their emotions, and learned several new tools that they can use to help manage their feelings. She was an absolute pleasure to work with - she was able to tailor her program to best fit our school’s vision and build upon our current social and emotional learning initiatives. I know her program left a lasting impact on our students and they will draw upon her positive message not only now, but into their adult lives as well."

~Ms. Kimberly Corvino -4th Grade Teacher, Riverview Elementary School

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