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School Spotlight: Byram Lakes Elementary

Nestled in the beautiful back roads of Stanhope, NJ, Byram Lakes Elementary School is the home to over 300 amazing students and an incredibly kind and welcoming administration. I purposely scheduled their first #PullYourWeeds® SEL Program on my birthday this year. It was the perfect way to celebrate another incredible trip around the sun doing what I love!

This was the school's first in-person assembly since 2019 and their excitement and participation was outstanding! I am sincerely grateful to Mrs. Katie Winkleman, Byram Lake's School Counselor for making the connection and to their generous PTA for funding the #PullYourWeeds® SEL Program! I can't wait to see where it grows for the 2022/2023 school year!

"Thank you so much for coming to our school. The staff and kids loved the assembly, many of them wear their buttons to school everyday. I have also incorporated your message in my SEL lessons! I believe your message is so important, it helps kids navigate their "weeds" and gets them pulled out. "

~Mrs. Katie Winkleman, Byram Lakes Elementary School Counselor

Is your school ready to start pulling weeds & planting seeds? Learn more about how your staff and students will benefit from our #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs...Click Here!


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