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School Spotlight: Francis A. Desmares Elementary

Today's School Spotlight shines on a special event where I had the pleasure of presenting the #PullYourWeeds® assembly at Francis A. Desmares Elementary School, my niece Amelia's school in Flemington, NJ. It was an honor to be part of this supportive school community nestled in a pastoral campus in Flemington.

What made it even more memorable was having my sister, (Amelia's mom) attend her first in-person presentation. The warm welcome from Ariej, the head of the Desmares’ PTO, and the heartfelt introduction by Principal Mr. Masessa were extremely touching and I was grateful to be a guest in their beautiful school.

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"Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Shanna Truffini's "You are a Gardener®, #PullYourWeeds®" assembly at Francis A. DesMarse school.  My daughter is a 4th grade student at the school, and the feedback that she and her fellow students had was truly remarkable.  Shanna has an impactful platform dedicated to using gardening metaphors which help children to identify their emotions and how to positively communicate and grow through them.  The You are A Gardener® assembly would be an asset to any school.  I highly recommend this program!" ~Kim C. Parent of Desmares School Community
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You Are a Gardener® at Francis A. Desmares Elementary Flemington, NJ 420 Students 5/20/24

The two consecutive assemblies had over 400 engaged students from grades K-4, and spotting Amelia's happy face in the crowd was truly heartwarming. I am extremely thankful to Desmares School's PTO for their support and to my sister and niece for this meaningful connection. 

Passionate educational institutions such as Desmares Elementary School radiate an atmosphere of care and encouragement, extending from the administration and faculty to the students.  

desmares school assembly with you are a gardener

Thank you Desmares School...You are gardeners!

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Discover the heartwarming impact of the #PullYourWeeds® assembly at Francis A. Desmares Elementary in Flemington, NJ, in this School Spotlight blog post.


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