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School Spotlight-Kings Road School

It was so exciting to be back for our 2nd #PullYourWeeds® SEL Workshop at Kings Road School in Madison, NJ this week! As of today, every student in grades K-5 has now earned 9 'Gardening Tool Badges'! That means all students have learned several positive ways to 'grow through' stressful encounters with tools to help them regulate their emotions.

As new gardeners, the students of Kings Road School already have a strong understanding of how important it is to identify uncomfortable feelings (weeds), how to communicate them with a trusted source (pull your weeds) and how adapting new 'gardening tools' can help them successfully process difficult emotions (turn weeds to seeds).

We are already planning something pretty HUGE for our 3rd Workshop...stay tuned!

Last year we added a new element to our SEL programs where gardeners can earn their 'Gardening Tool Badges'. These level appropriate activities & exercises open young gardeners minds to new skills/tools, that with practice can stay with them for life when they encounter stress and big emotions! As ‘gardeners’ we needs lots of 'gardening tools' to keep our emotions rooted in a calm and confident state.

Are you and your kids/students ready to start adding some new 'Gardening Tools' to your emotional toolkit? DM us to get started!


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