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School Spotlight: Matthew Jago Elementary

The seed for the Matthew Jago School in Woodbridge, NJ was planted last Spring when Ms. Renee Bischoff, a Reading Specialist from their school was tasked with acquiring some new SEL porgrams for their 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students and teachers. Throughout the course of this school year their their students, teachers and families all dug into the You Are a Gardener® mindset through multiple in-person student assemblies, our One-Click SEL program for their teachers and a private web link for their families to access our our family workshop and resources.

Getting to know this group of gardeners throughout the year was a wonderfully rewarding experience, and just this week we celebrated all their 'gardener growth' with a fun outdoor Gardener Culmination Event at their school.

There is so much kindness, support and respect within their community. It was so wonderful to see all the students interacting and encouraging one another at the different Gardener stations. So many of the students went out of their way to introduce themselves and talk about all that they have learned this year. A special thank you to Gardener Ethan for making me feel so welcome, Gardener Robert for teaching his peers how to make our Flower Fortune Tellers, and Gardeners' Camryn & Phoebe for gifting me their adorable foxes!

We also want to extend a HUGE thank you to Ms. Bischoff for rooting for us and working so hard to get our program in her school and especially for helping us coordinate all the in-person events and program launches...You are a gardener!

Matthew Jago You Are a Gardener® Culmination Event May 23, 2023

We had 6 Gardener Tool Stations Set Up For Our Matthew Jago Culimination Event: Fox Origami, Coloring Activities, Flower Fortune Tellers, Beading, Guided Drawing Of Our Fox & Certificate Signing

This was one FOXTASTIC event! The students loved digging into our signature Fox origami station. Each fox was unique and special just like all gardeners are unique and special too!

Our Flower Fortune Tellers & Coloring Sheets Are Wonderful Gardening Tools To Use To Help Gardeners Relax, have Fun & Be Creative!

We think that learning all about flowers, weeds, seeds, pulling your weeds and gardener tools is so HUGELY important, that we celebrated with a GIANT Certificate Of Accomplishment for all the students to sign and keep in their school!

Thank you Matthew Jago School for digging into the #PullYourWeeds® SEL Program this school year. We have had so much fun 'growing' together & learning lots of new gardening tools along the way! We wish you all a bright and beautiful summer.


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