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School Spotlight: West New York School District

School Spotlight: West New York School District May/June 2024:

A big thank you goes out to the West New York School District for hosting our assemblies in all seven of their elementary schools. It was an enriching experience to introduce the #PullYourWeeds® program at each school.

highlights at assemblies in west new york elementary schools

West New York School District : 7 Schools - Over 3000 Students

Gardener Anna & Gardener Shanna at West New York School No. 2

This marked our first collaboration with an urban school district of this scale, and it was truly remarkable to engage with over 3,000 students in the past six weeks. Each school exuded a unique sense of respect and pride, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Gardener Aidan & Gardener Shanna at West New York School No. 1

Special thanks to Nikki Casey, a dedicated social worker on the West New York Board of Education, for initiating this collaboration. Her enthusiasm and support were instrumental in the success of our program.

West New York Early Childhood Program 5/30/24

social worker review of you are gardener school assembly

We are grateful to all the administrators and educators who welcomed us warmly. The commitment and dedication of the social workers in nurturing the students at each school were truly impressive.

West New York School No. 3 & No. 4 (incredible auditoriums)

"The You Are a Gardener® presentation was fabulous! It focuses on such important topics related to feelings that everyone experiences, but is tailored to our young students so they can relate. I thought it was really great content that helps students think about their feelings and also what tools they can access when these situations come up for them. The length was appropriate for our little ones and they really enjoyed it! Shanna you were so kind and filled with such enthusiasm for this topic! I truly wish you much success in all future endeavors and hope you will return to our school district one day!"  ~Vivian Calunga, LSW WNY Early Childhood Program Social Worker

West New York School No. 6 Harry L. Bain

Having Gardener Anna and Gardener Aidan present at some of the assemblies added a special touch to the experience. It was heartwarming to witness their personal growth alongside the students, who connected with them in a meaningful way. 

Gardener Aidan at the West New York Elementary School No. 5 June 12, 2024

-Our Final Assembly in West New York & For the 23/24 School Year!-

School Spotlight : West New York School District

We wish all our new gardener friends in the West New York School District a joyful and relaxing summer...pull your weeds, plant new seeds & enjoy the flowers along the way!


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