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SEL Pop Quiz...

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

According to elementary school counselors & teachers there are some common concerns for the social and emotional impact that is occurring in the classroom. Now is the time to take a quick SEL assessment to find out what your school is in need of the most.

Take our 3 question quiz & scroll to the bottom to see your results!


-If you chose mostly A's- We recommend scheduling a demo of our #PullYourWeeds® SEL Workshops/Assemblies. Click Here to book now!

-If you chose mostly B's- We recommend emailing us at to request a packet on our SEL programs that can be implemented anytime, anywhere!

-If you chose mostly C's- We recommend booking a #PullYourWeeds® Assembly or Workshops for your school with free customized resources and activities for your staff to use in the classroom.