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Sensory Play | #SELatHome

Hello Gardeners!

Welcome back to the #PullYourWeeds blog! As you know the #SELatHome segment of the blog is dedicated to providing parents, guardians, babysitters, nannies, after school care professionals, and the like, SEL activities to do in the home! Today, we are talking #SensoryPlay, why it's beneficial, and how to incorporate it into life at home!

Our senses help us explore the world - that why you see babies grabbing things, putting things in their mouths, experimenting with the different sounds their mouths make. And while sensory play can be extremely beneficial for gardeners who are easily overwhelmed and have trouble navigating stimuli that comes at them, sensory play can benefit gardeners of all ages and backgrounds.


Bath time is the perfect time to incorporate some sensory play into your day. Allow your gardener to play with toys with different textures and colors - think sponges, rings, figurines, etc. Add a bath fizzer or essential oils to create a calming aroma.

Invest in an essential oil diffuser and some essential oils. Not only are diffusers a great way to keep your home smelling fresh, but can make movie time or a simple craft, a multi-sensory experience. Try calming scents like eucalyptus and lavender before bed, to help your gardener settle down, and use scents like grapefruit and orange in the morning to help energize for the day!

Sensory bottles can be a lot of different things - but typically include water and oil or water and glue. The point of sensory bottles for kids to visually explore the contents of the bottle by shaking and turning it. These bottles usually include glitter, color, sometimes beads, and work best when made in clear plastic or clear glass bottles.

Here's what you'll need:

1 airtight container (plastic or glass)

Vegetable oil or another cheap oil


Glitter of varying sizes

Food coloring or liquid watercolor

Super glue

First, you'll need equal parts oil and water, so depending on the size of your container you can adjust the amounts as needed. Add your oil, glitter, and a little bit of the coloring to the jar and mix. Then add your water and stir. Before gluing the lid, test your sensory bottle to make sure it looks the way you want it!

Then have fun watching the swirling glitter settle and mix!


Thanks for stopping by today gardeners, always remember to #PullYourWeeds!


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