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Small Batch Books

Today we are excited to share a very special behind the scenes video of our Second Edition of You Are a Gardener® being printed at 48 Hour Books. The quality, attention to detail and outstanding customer service makes self-publishing with a company like theirs such an enjoyable process.

Partnering with a USA, family owned printing company like 48 Hour Books adds an extra special feel to our book and brand. We print all our books in small batches, and often no two batches are exactly the same as some minor changes and edits may occur.

Thank you to Kyle from 48 Hour Books for this exceptional video. It is such a treasure to have, and we are so grateful to share it with our community!

Have you gotten your signed copy yet of our new book?

Dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids!

You Are a Gardener® uses gardening vocabulary as emotional metaphors to help children find healthy and positive ways to manage stress, challenging feelings and emotions.


"A question I get asked a lot is why did you self-publish your book instead of going down the traditional publishing path. The short answer is, I didn't want to wait. When I wrote my book over five years ago on a note in my phone, I knew I had created something special but how it changed our family's life in such a short amount of time is what motivated me to get it out there and share it with others." ~Shanna Truffini


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