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Spreading Seeds on #HipNJ

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Hello Gardeners!

About a month ago, our author, Shanna Truffini, had the pleasure of speaking with HipNJ's, Maria Falzo. Hip New Jersey (HipNJ) is a lifestyle program featuring New Jersey businesses, organizations, events, entertainment, and so much more. Their #HipTV segments are aired on HomeTowne Television (HTTV) and NJ On Air. HipNJ's main goal is to spread the word about community events and NJ entrepreneurs, so we were thrilled to meet the team and spread our seeds to their loyal viewers!

#OnSet 🎬 with #HipNJ! What a fun studio!


You can watch the interview here, in case you missed it!


Our goal from the beginning was to spread seeds of positivity to as many gardeners as possible. That's why opportunities like this are so exciting! If you know a teacher, director of an after-school program, or bookstore owner that could help us spread our seeds or benefit from our program - send them our way! Making connections with educators and local businesses is so important to us.

And remember, the best way to keep you garden healthy and growing is to #PullYourWeeds!

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