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Spring Cleaning

Spring is all about new beginnings and growth, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at our gardens and see if there are any big weeds taking up space and do a little #SpringCleaning to make room for new flowers.

As a reminder, flowers are the things that make you happy, weeds are the things that make you feel sad, scared or mad and seeds are the positive solutions on how to address your weeds.

For all of you new gardeners, remember the best way to #PullYourWeeds is to talk about them - find a friend, a family member, or a teacher and talk through what’s going on! If weeds are particularly hard to pull, sometimes it might take a little longer than we expect. A great way to deal with stubborn weeds is journaling! Think of journals as a really good friend - they never judge you, they always keep your secrets, and they are great listeners! Write down what you’re feeling if a stubborn weed keeps popping up, and you can share your journal entries with a trusted person or keep some private. Just know you never have to pull your weeds alone!

Sometimes Gardener Aidan even draws his #WeedsToSeeds moments!

For all of you seasoned gardeners, teach your friends about flowers and weeds - be a #PullYourWeeds ambassador and help your friends and siblings start fresh this Spring!

We cannot wait for all of the beautiful flowers to bloom, so we decided an Origami Tulip is the perfect craft for today! All you need is some origami paper and to watch Episode 1 of #HelloGardeners - start at 2:16 for the tutorial!

Gardener Anna is the Origami Tulip master!


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