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Start Stacking: Why Legos Are Good For Your Social and Emotional Development

Start Stacking: Why Legos Are Good For Your Social and Emotional Development:

Hello gardeners! Did you know that playing with Legos is not just a fun activity, but it also has several social and emotional health benefits. Here are some reasons why working and building with Legos is one of our favorite go-to 'Gardening Tools' around here...especially for Gardener Aidan.

Scroll down to read why legos are good for your social and emotional development, some tips from Gardener Aidan and to collect your Gardening Tool Badge for this activity!

legos good for social and emotional development

(Gardener Aidan's Build Fall 2023)

Social & Emotional Health Benefits Of Legos For Gardeners Of All Ages

  • Encourages creativity: Lego building involves imagination and creativity, which allows individuals to express themselves freely when not following a kit. This promotes creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Enhances motor skills: Lego building requires the use of small muscles in the fingers and hands, which helps in improving fine motor skills. This can be especially beneficial for young gardeners who are still developing their motor skills.

  • Fosters teamwork: Lego building can be a wonderful group activity at home or in school, which encourages teamwork and collaboration. This helps teach gardeners of all ages to work together towards a common goal and helps to build social skills.

  • Boosts self-esteem: Successfully building a Lego creation can be a real confidence booster...just ask gardener Aidan! It gives individuals a sense of accomplishment and helps to build self-esteem.

  • Reduces stress: Lego building can be a relaxing activity that helps to reduce stress levels and pull your weeds. It allows individuals to focus on the task at hand and forget about their worries aka ‘weeds’ for a while.

  • Promotes mindfulness: Building with legos requires focus and concentration, which can help gardeners of all ages achieve a state of mindfulness. This can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with anxiety or racing thoughts.

legos are good for kids mental health

Gardener Aidan’s Tips: -Legos are a great way to get off a screen and get hands-on! -A big Lego build is a fun way to keep yourself busy for days/weeks. -A good way to keep your mind off your weeds! -You can buy light kits as cool accessories. -You can buy a glue spray to preserve your builds.

Oh the places you'll grow!

Legos are a a fun and beneficial ‘gardening tool’ to help improve your mental health and well-being. So gardeners, the next time you're feeling stressed or anxious (stuck in the weeds), consider taking out some Legos and start stacking! Start Stacking: Legos Are Good For Your Social and Emotional Development:

free sel activities for classroom

lego 007 stop motion

(Gardener Aidan's Build Completed January 2024)

gardeners core values for kids activity
elementary school assembly speaker kindness


lego gardening tool badge

Hey gardeners, did you stack up some Legos? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Start Stacking' Gardening Tool Badge'!

--> Click the badge to download a pdf sticker for your Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet


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