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Sugar Weeds!

Hello Gardeners!

We've all heard it: "Don't eat too much sugar or you're going to crash!" We know sugar isn't good for us, but did you know that eating too much sugar can impact your ability to regulate your emotions, decrease energy levels, aggravate anxiety, and decrease your ability to learn and remember (Everhealth). Now, of course, that doesn't mean we can't have a little cake on our birthdays or some candy during Halloween, but indulging in too much sugar actually gives strength and energy to our weeds rather than to our flowers.

At some point in our lives, you will probably experience a "sugar rush" - your heart starts racing, you are overcome with insane amounts of energy, your mind moves a million times a minute, and then CRASH! Our bodies burn through that sugar and then we are left feeling tired, cranky, sad, and overall just "blah". During this down period, we're vulnerable to all sorts of weeds that can pop up out of nowhere!

If you've had a little too much sugar and are experiencing these quick-fire emotions, take a moment to come back to Earth and just remember "STRAW":

S it down

T ake a drink of water

R ecognize this will pass

A llow yourself to breath

W ait until you are calm