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Sweet & Simple Valentine's Day Craft

We hope you love today's new 'gardening tool' as much as we do! If you are looking for a sweet and simple homemade Valentine's craft to give out instead of traditional cards this year, then you will love our Watercolor Valentine's Day Hearts. This hands on and easy craft is fun for gardeners of all ages, with very minimal materials needed.

Our Watercolor Valentine's Day Craft 'Gardening Tool' Has SEL Roots In:

❤️ Encourages Self-Awareness

❤️ Stimulates Creativity

❤️ Developing Fine Motor Skills

❤️ Following Instructions

❤️ Encouraging Positive /Present Thinking

This craft aka 'gardening tool' was created by our extremely talented Illustrator & Videographer, Kelsey Jordan. Press Play to Watch Now!

Scroll down for step-by- step instructions and scroll all the way down to earn your gardening tool badge for this activity!

Watercolor Valentine's Day Hearts

-Glue Gun

-Watercolor Paints & Paintbrush



-Thick paper

Draw a heart with your glue gun, when it's dry cut out the heart. Take your crayons out and decorate your hearts (try using a white crayon to write a secret message). Grab your paintbrush and fill in your hearts with watercolor. Let dry for a few hours.

These are fun to give away as Valentine's day cards or as decorations your windows, fridge or walls.

Hey teachers..,these hearts would like sweet around the classroom or on a bulletin board!

Gardener Kelsey's Tips:

  • Make the lines of your heart with your glue gun really thick (so paint wont seep under/over the edges

  • If you want to write a secret message - make your letters thick, and go back over each line of crayon a few times to ensure it shows up!


Hey gardeners, did you make our Watercolor Valentine's Day Hearts ? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Watercolor Hearts Gardening Tool Badge!

--> Click the badge to download a pdf sticker for your Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet!

How many gardening tool badges have you earned so far?

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Building on and nurturing SEL skills for children at home and in school is what You Are a Gardener and gardening tools are all about! Dig into some more crafts here!


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