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Take a hike...

Getting outside and surrounding yourself in nature can be an instant mood booster for gardeners of all ages. This week for Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan's spring break we decided to hit the trails and take some hikes! While a light hike offers a wonderful exercise for kids, it also gives them an opportunity to explore nature, build balance by traversing over rocky terrain and is also a wonderful way to boost self-confidence!

According to a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, they found: "The simple act of hiking can help release chemicals in your child's brain that will help him or her to feel less anxious."

(This video was taken at Jockey Hollow-A National Historic Park in New Jersey.)

Benefits Of Family Hiking

✔︎ An opportunity to unplug.

✔︎ Explore nature.

✔︎ A fun way to get exercise.

✔︎ Make lasting memories.

✔︎ Calming and peaceful.

✔︎ Enhances motor skills.

✔︎ Screen Free

✔︎ Vitamin D

✔︎ Encourages kids to explore.

✔︎ Teaches endurance.

(Photos taken at

Kent Falls in Kent, CT)

Hiking is a great opportunity to really talk and listen to your kids. Being surrounded by the silence of nature and all the beautiful sights can really inspire gardeners of all ages to open up. Keeping that line of communication open in a healthy and positive way... is what 'gardening' is all about.


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