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The Gardener's Spring Baking Championship🌸🌱🌼

Hello gardeners! Cooking shows are always a hit with our whole family, especially ones that involve a challenge. This Spring break we decided to take a trip through our kitchen and discover ingredients we could use to go head -to- head in a 30 minute bake off. Check it out as Gardener Anna & I use our superb baking talents in our own version of the Spring Baking Championship!

The Theme of This Challenge: Miniature pies that represent something special about you.

The Challenge Ingredients: Mini graham cracker pie crusts and vanilla pudding.

Time on the Clock: 30 minutes to be finished and plated.

The Judges: Gardener Aidan and his Dad.

The Prize: Having fun with your family.

Spring Baking Championship Contestants-Gardener Anna & Gardener Shanna

30 Minutes on The Clock To Complete and Plate The Dessert

Anna Chose a Deconstructed Cannoli Pie To Represent Her Love For Italian Pastries

She mixed in her pudding- ricotta cheese, cream cheese and folded in whip cream with powdered sugar and a handful of chocolate chips. She then melted chocolate with butter and swirled it in the pudding right before plating. She also chopped up some almonds to use an accent on her final presentation.