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The perfect presents...

When we give someone a gift, we are giving so much more than a present wrapped in a box. There is a real social, emotional and psychological benefit to gift giving/receiving that reinforces our relationships, connections and bonds. This holiday season, I received countless sentimental gifts that truly demonstrated the deep roots on so many of my relationships. These beautiful treasures are certainly gifts that will keep on giving all year they are a true symbol of love and friendship.

(Scroll down to see some of the most perfect presents I received this year!

How cute is this fox in my favorite color from a very close family friend! I have been so inspired by my little book of big thoughts from my In-Laws. I have not taken off my beautiful charm necklace that Dan purchased from dear friend Taylor's boutique, Palm Harbor. I received the most heartfelt card from my 5 year old nephew (he calls me Zippa) and I want to frame this adorable fox card from Kelsey (my Illustrator).

Check out my custom You Are a Gardener® cutting board from my sweet friend Charlotte! I can't wait to dig into some new origami this year for my #PullYourWeeds® Workshops, thanks to this awesome present from my Mom! My new joy ornament (my favorite word) gifted to me from my fellow Taurus friend, Lauren makes me feel extra joyful! I also never leave home without my new flower mug from Anna & makes me bloom with happy thoughts each & every sip!

What are some of the best gifts you have ever received and why? Send us an email to


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