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Top TEN 2022 Gardening Goals

Setting goals is a wonderful life skill for gardeners of all ages. It helps us set the tone and create paths that bring us closer to our dreams. Today we are sharing with you our Top 10 Gardening Goals for 2022...Notice a pattern?!?

You Are a Gardener's Top 10 Gardening Goals For 2022

1. Reach more kids.

2. Connect with more kids.

3. Empower more kids with tools to communicate their feelings.

4. Teach more kids how to ‘pull your weeds’.

5. Help more kids learn how to positively manage stress.

6. Share our message with more kids.

7. For more kids to plant healthy seeds.

8. Give more kids tools for their gardens to grow healthy & strong.

9. For more kids to ‘pull their weeds’.

10.For more kids to have more flowers & less weeds.

We want to make digging into the You Are a Gardener® mindset easy and seamless for your teachers, family and organization! Take us up on our 'done for you' SEL workshops & programs. Schedule a demo today by emailing us at's Grow!

We can't wait to see where this year grows!


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