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We will be here

Do you know what motivates us to keep on growing? You, your children, your students, your family, your friends, your future...

Now is the time we need to come together as parents, educators, counselors, mentors, leaders and use a shared emotional language to help our kids. Let's teach our children healthy ways to manage stress. Let's give them the vocabulary, tools and mindset to know how important it is to stay confident and calm, even during challenging times.

We are here to help. We will continue to create helpful, positive and uplifting content for you to use at home and in school. We will continue to travel to schools allover to connect with and empower gardeners of all ages. We will continue to create professional learning programs for teachers to have quick access to easy & effective SEL content. We will be here and we hope you will too!

start gardening today...children's mental health programs


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