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Weeds to Seeds Emotions Flashcards

Help younger gardeners bloom with our Weeds to Seeds Emotions Flashcards! These cards promote emotional awareness, empowerment, communication, and coping skills. When a younger gardener is experiencing a weed (negative emotion), encourage them to select the 'Feelings Flashcard' that represents their feelings. Then, face down all the Gardening Tools Flashcards and have the younger gardener randomly select a card to help them navigate through this emotion/feeling positively. This is a valuable resource for home, classroom and counseling settings.

Scroll down to download our free Weeds to Seeds™ Emotions Flashcards & to collect your Gardening Tool Badge for this activity!

There are several benefits to using our Weeds to Seeds Emotions Flashcards:

  1. Emotional Awareness: Using these flashcards can help gardeners identify and articulate their emotions better. By recognizing and acknowledging what they are feeling, they can start to work through those emotions more effectively.

  2. Empowerment: Giving young gardeners the tools to choose how they want to process their emotions can empower them. It teaches them that they have some control over their feelings and can take positive steps to manage them.

  3. Communication: Utilizing emotion flashcards can also improve communication between children and adults. It opens up a dialogue about emotions and allows for more meaningful discussions about how to address them. Weeds to Seeds!

  4. Coping Skills: By pairing the emotion cards with Gardening Tools cards, gardeners can learn practical Gardening Tools, aka coping mechanisms. They can see that there are constructive ways to handle difficult emotions, promoting resilience and emotional well-being.

weeds to seeds emotions flashcards for kids at home or school
Incorporating emotion flashcards and Gardening Tools cards into daily routines can be a fun and effective way to support children's emotional development and well-being. Download & dig in!

weeds to seeds emotions flashcards badge

Hey gardeners, did you use our Weeds to seeds™ Emotions Flashcards? If so, congratulations, you can collect the ' Weeds to seeds™ Emotions Flashcards' Gardening Tool Badge'!

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Discover the power of emotional awareness and empowerment for children with Weeds to Seeds Flashcards. Promote resilience and well-being with this valuable resource.


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