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What is a Friend?

Hello Gardeners!

So often on the blog we talk about sharing feelings with friends, asking friends for help, and learning how to be a good friend. Today we are taking a few steps back and exploring answers to some important questions - What is a friend? What makes someone a good friend? How do you become a better friend?

What is a friend?

At the most basic level, a friend is someone we love. We can't really define a friend without simultaneously defining a "loved one". Friends/loved ones are people who give us support & respect, who listen, laugh, and cry with us, who accept and appreciate us, who are trusted with our secrets, and who help us reach our goals.

What makes someone a good friend?

A good friend is someone who works to do all of the things we mention above. It may not always be easy - things like jealousy, gossip, ego, and frustration can work to dismantle our friendships and put up walls in between us and our friend. Ultimately, a good friend is there to hold you hand, cheer you on, and help you out!

How do you become a better friend?

Reflect on your relationships and check in with yourself.

Friends help friends plant their seeds!

Do you listen to them?

Do you accept and appreciate this person?

Do you trust them with your secrets?

Do you help them reach their goals and celebrate their victories?

Are you open with them?

Honestly evaluate yourself as a friend - are there any areas that could use work? Where can you improve?


A craft for your classroom:

How do you get your students to understand the importance of looking out for their classmates? Tell them to think of your classroom as a school of fish. Fish swim in schools for protection. It's a lot easier for a predator to hunt a single fish, than it is for them to hunt 50 fish. In other words, we are stronger together than we are as individuals.

Ask your students to create and decorate a fish that shows their personality. After everyone has finished decorating their fish, hang them up in a school-like formation and have everyone appreciate each other's fish.

Here are some great tutorials for your #SchoolofFish craft:

From left to right:


We will leave you with this poem by #ShellSilverstein that reminds us that friendships are a balance of give and take - in other words, you cannot accept respect unless you show respect to your friend!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to #PullYourWeeds!


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