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Who Says Mindfulness Can't Be Fun?

Hello Gardeners!

Since the Spring, many of us have been trying to adjust our mindsets and lifestyles to make real and lasting changes in the way we process stress and manage our emotions. Our very own Gardener Devin (one of the members of our Gardening Team), works with young gardeners who have very unique 'weeds'. Lately with the lack of schedules and not being in school. these gardeners had lots of extra energy built up. In efforts to help the kids Gardener Devin works with, she and her colleagues went in search of something fun, engaging, active and calming for the kids to enjoy! It was then that the Jaime, from Cosmic Kids Yoga, swooped in and saved the day!

🌈 Meet, Jaime 🌈

Jaime is a Certified Yoga Instructor, who teaches yoga to kids in a kid-friendly, fun way. Every class follows a different movie, book, video game theme - Trolls, Mario, Moana, Harry Potter - you name it! She takes traditional yoga poses, but give them fun names.

Cosmic Kids offers classes ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes - perfect for any schedule. Oh, yeah! Did I forget to mention that all of these videos are free on Cosmic Kids' Youtube channel?

Cosmic Kids also provides guided meditations to help your little ones zen out and focus on the breath. These are awesome for a calm-down corner or for settling down before bedtime!


Cosmic Kids Yoga is #PullYourWeedsApproved because:

✓ Like us, it uses kid-friendly language to familiarize kids with resources for managing mental wellness

✓ Introduces mindfulness in a fun, engaging way

✓ It's just another resource to add to your toolbox!

Be sure to follow @cosmickidsyoga, visit Cosmic Kids website, or take a class for yourself on Cosmic Kids' Youtube page!


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