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Reminder Rocks

Press Play to watch our Illustrator Gardener Kelsey make beautiful painted rock decorations to use as home accents and serve as a daily reminder to Pull Your Weeds!

Hey gardeners, get ready to rock with today's new gardening tool! Reminder Rocks make beautiful decorations around your home or classroom and they are super fun to paint!

The social, emotional, physical and intellectual benefits are blooming with our Reminder Rocks 'gardening tool!

Take a walk, find some rocks, grab some paints, use our Fox & gardening theme as inspirations and get ready to rock-n-roll!

<< Scroll down to download the gardening tool badge for this activity! >>

Our Reminder Rocks Craft Has SEL Roots In:

🌼Gives kids a sense of achievement

🌼Art promotes creativity

🌼Painting exercises your brain

🌼Art projects develops problem-solving abilities

🌼Painting evokes a healthy expression of emotions

There are so many wonderful benefits of painting for gardeners of all ages which makes an art project like this a great activity to do at home or in school with minimal materials needed.


Gardener Kelsey's Tips:

  • For best results, paint a base color layer on each rock and then give that time to dry. Come back a bit later to add your designs!

  • If you want the rocks to look and feel like the You Are a Gardener® book, use turquoise, orange and pink in your designs!

  • Want to learn how to draw Foxie? Head to our YouTube page here for a full length tutorial!

Painted rocks are pretty accents in a home office, on a book shelf, on a night stand or on a coffee table! Where will you put your rocks?

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Hey gardeners, did you make any Reminder Rocks paintings? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Reminder Rocks Gardening Tool Badge'!

--> Click the badge to download a pdf sticker for your Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet

How many gardening tool badges have you earned so far?

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