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You've Got Weeds 📫

Last Monday, Aidan asked for a shoe box and wrapping paper for a project he was working on for our family. Moments later he returned with a "Family Pull Your Weeds Box". Aidan's inspiration to create this box was rooted in wanting to discuss a few of his own 'weeds' with our family. As the week went by, we all found ourselves dropping a note in the box and on Sunday night after dinner we had a family 'pull your weeds' session.

This was such a wonderful exercise for all of us as it created a calm and open minded environment for us to discuss some things that occurred during the week that could have easily been overlooked. I highly recommend trying this out at home or in your classroom. Keeping the lines of communication open between children and adults is extremely important, especially during these times.

Watch Gardener Aidan's quick video to see how a family 'Pull Your Weeds' Box

is a wonderful addition to your home.

Aidan's #PullYourWeeds box is very similar to a tool I share with schools when I am presenting my You Are a Gardener® Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program to elementary educators. A 'weeds to seeds' pot can be a very powerful tool to use in the classroom. When students encounter uncomfortable situations at school, it can be very disruptive for the child and class if not addressed. Creating a trusted space where students feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly with their teachers about their 'weeds' encourages open communication, empathy and a positive flow in the classroom. Scroll down to watch an episode of Hello Gardeners® to see how a 4th grade teacher uses it in her classroom.

Keep pulling your weeds gardeners...the future is flowers!


Watch one of my favorite episodes of Hello Gardeners® with our very own Gardener Kim, aka Ms. T. (a 4th grade teacher) as she and the gardeners show us how to make origami seed packets for students to use to discreetly communicate with their teachers when they need help

'pulling their weeds' in school.


Plant your seeds, pull your weeds and enjoy the flowers along the way. You are a gardener.


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