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5 Years & Growing Strong 🎉

This Tuesday 12/6 marked our five year anniversary at You Are a Gardener®! We celebrated this milestone all week along. On Tuesday we had a #PullYourWeeds® Assembly at the Cucinella School in Long Valley, NJ. On Tuesday night we received the very first printed proof of our Second Edition of You Are a Gardener® (arriving soon). On Wednesday we spread some local seeds with a #PullYourWeeds® Workshop at the Kemmerer Library. Our journey has taken us on some beautiful rides and we have met so many incredible gardener friends along the way. Thank you to our loving community for rooting for us all these years. We can’t wait to see where we ‘grow’ next! Scroll down for pictures of our week long celebration & some 2017 throwback pictures to when we were working on the first edition of our book !


We connected with over 200 kids this week in Pre-K-2nd grade with our #PullYourWeeds® SEL assembly at the Cucinella School in Long, Valley, NJ!

We had so much fun spreading some local seeds at the Kemmerer Library this week.

Gardeners of all ages joined the fun at our library event!

Throwback to some photo snaps in 2017 while putting together the first edition of our children's book, You Are a Gardener® with our Illustrator Kelsey Jordan.


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