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Author's Note 🦊

So much goes into creating a book and we love to share our experience. Scroll down to read about the inspiration behind some of our favorite pages in You Are a Gardener®.

This might be one of our favorite illustrations in our book. It is so symbolic of our family roots for so many reasons.

1. Anna’s nickname is Mousie.

2. Aidan’s nickname is Birdie.

3. We love to snuggle.

4. The robin is our favorite bird.

Our Illustrator, Kelsey Jordan captured this all so perfectly. Family and love is at the root of everything we create.

In today’s culture hedgehogs are seen as positive animals that symbolize happiness, motherhood, and calmness. They are loved by people because of their relaxed and non-aggressive behavior.

Overall, hedgehogs are simply calm and relaxed creatures that symbolize everything that is positive in the world. We felt hedgehogs would be the perfect choice for this particular page of the book.

Kelsey did such an amazing job at capturing an open, intimate and safe moment. 🦔