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bACK on trACK

With nothing to do and all day to do it, our family just indulged in the most relaxing vacation on Nantucket (aka ACK). Staying rooted in tradition we wandered down the back sandy roads in Madaket, Nantucket to take our annual family photo in front of Fred Rogers' Nantucket home, The Crooked House.

Fred Rogers has always been a role model of ours. When traveling to Nantucket long before we had our book, before it was even a seed, we would always make a point to drive out to The Crooked House. We always like to picture Fred and his wife Joanne out back relaxing in Adirondack chairs and gazing out onto the serene harbor. We try to imagine what he was dreaming about, what seeds he was planting in his mind.

Photos taken in Madaket, Nantucket in front of The Crooked House from 2022-2018 (2018 is when we had our first copy of You Are a Gardener®) Including a photo of Fred & Joanne Rogers

Whenever we travel by The Crooked House our family feels a stronger connection to our dreams and goals for You Are a Gardener®. We are inspired by Fred Rogers' genuine passion for wanting to connect with children and help them find ways to feel confident and calm.

We are grateful for all that Fred Rogers did to help children and how he never gave up on pursuing this dream. He paved the way for empowering children with much needed social and emotional support. He kept moving forward, kept planting seeds, kept following his instincts and helped countless children and families along the way.

To use Fred Rogers' own quote, "Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.' To our family, Fred Rogers' embodies all the qualities of a modern day hero and this little tradition of ours leaves a big imprint on all of our hearts.

You can only imagine how excited we were when we saw a Little Free Library on our way to The Crooked House dedicated entirely to Fred Rogers!!!

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Hey gardeners, can you spot 2 little gardeners in The Old Mill Windmill in Nantucket?

The Old Mill is a historic windmill located at 50 Prospect Street in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Built in 1746, it is the oldest functioning mill in the United States. The mill is owned and operated by the Nantucket Historical Association as a museum. It is a contributing property of the Nantucket Historic District.


The social, emotional and physical health benefits of taking a family trip are extremely nourishing and so good for the soul. If you have been debating on booking that trip or just getting away for the weekend, give yourself the permission to unwind. Disconnecting from your daily life of tasks and chores can help you feel healthier, calmer and happier. Time away (even if it’s brief) will literally get you bACK on trACK!


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