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Meet Guest Gardener Anne from Rebel Daughter Cookies®

Hello Gardeners!

Camp Hello Gardeners® is in full bloom and we are having so much fun spreading seeds and connecting with 'gardeners' all across the country! Every camp session features 3-4 'Guest Gardeners' that include amazing educators, inspiring entrepreneurs, and strong #SEL advocates. Today, we are introducing a very special gardener friend, Anne Grossman, owner and founder of Rebel Daughter Cookies.

Rebel Daughter Cookies in Wilton, CT was born out of the hunt to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie and blossomed into a business that ships nationwide, supports organizations that benefit women and children, and reminds us to indulge in ourselves every now and then! On Rebel Daughter's website it says, "We rebel against the idea that hard = impossible," and here at #YouAreAGardener, we could not agree more!

As you may know, #GardenerAnna describes baking as one of her biggest 'flowers', so we thought it was important to feature a baker who believes in planting seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Cooking, baking and creating in the kitchen is a wonderful way to keep kids focused, active and is also an excellent confidence builder! Thank you, Anne, for being such a positive (and sweet) role model!! To sign up for Anne's session on Camp Hello Gardeners® Click Here!

You may recognize Gardener Anne from one of this season's Hello Gardeners episode. Check it out below 👇 👇 👇


You can find Gardener Anne and her son Jack in Session 1 of Camp Hello Gardeners® where she teaches us her top secret recipe on how to make your own glitter dough, a fun sensory activity that the whole family can enjoy!

If you would like to learn more about Anne and Rebel Daughter Cookies, please visit her website here, follow @rebeldaughtercookies, or be a rebel and treat yourself by to a box!

Thanks for reading gardeners and don't forget to #PullYourWeeds and are a gardener!


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