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Comfort Zones!

Hello Gardeners!

Each and every one of us has comfort zones - lines of comfort that we try to stay inside, because venturing outside is too scary. And while respecting your boundaries is important, living forever inside your comfort zone can actually continue to feed your existing anxieties and prevent you from growing.

How do you continue to expand your comfort zone?

Start small! Try something new or something that even makes you a little nervous. You'll probably find that once you've done it, it was easier than your thought or that you had the tools to do it all along.

Try something new everyday and you will inch closer and closer to overcoming the fear and expanding your comfort zone!

You may ask yourself, "I thought it was important to say 'no' or 'stop' when something makes you afraid?"

Let's be clear, we are not asking you to put yourself in scary and unsafe situations. Conquering fears gives us confidence and reminds us that we can do a lot more than we think we can. Chip away at your fears - if you are afraid to ask a classmate to play, start with just saying hi!

🌱 🌱 🌱

Do you need help expanding your comfort zone? #GardenerAnna, #GardenerAidan, and the rest of the #GardeningTeam can help! You can always email us with your weeds and we would be happy to help brainstorm some solutions. Email us at or tag @youareagardener - we can't wait to hear from you!


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